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  • Rock This Way || Aerosmith Bootleg YOKOHAMA ARENA 3-12-98
    7 Janie s Got a Gun 8 Chip Away The Stone 9 Pink 10 Last Child 11 Rats In The Cellar 12 Red House Disc 2 1 Stop Messin Around 2 Kiss Your Past Good bye Jam 3 Sick As A Dog 4 Lord Of the Thighs 5 Nobody s Fault 6 Dream On 7 Cryin 8 Dude Looks Like Lady 9 What It Takes 10 Sweet Emotion incl Dazed (2016-05-01)

  • Rock This Way || Aerosmith Bootleg YOUNG LUST
    Legend Records LLRCD 084 Disc 1 No More No More 2 Somebody 3 Dream On 4 Write Me 5 Walk This Way 6 Train Kept A Rollin 7 Toys In The Attic 8 Woman Of The World 9 Walkin The Dog Recorded at Tracks 1 7 states as June 1975 but is Shaeffer Music Festival Central Park NY August 29 1975 Tracks 8 9 My Father s Place Long Island (2016-05-01)

  • Rock This Way || Steven Tyler's recording appearances outside Aerosmith
    Friend Today aswell as singing backup vocals and playing tambourine on the song Dark Is The Bark The linear notes states this album saw the debut of a young singer named Steven Tyler later of Aerosmith who sings backing vocals on Nice To See You My Friend Today and Dark Is The Bark CURRENT STATUS Available Various Artists Kerouac Kicks Joy Darkness This album was released on Rykodisc Records on Tuesday April 8th 1997 and includes the song Dream Us Kids Swim Off A Grey Pier This album is just performers reciting Jack Kerouac s poems over music On Steven s track he talks over himself singing a scat type song in the background Here s the narrative Us kids swim of a gray pier dive off I go down the street after emptying my pockets of old roaches and think I better go through all my stuff I live in the Fortier cellar in a dismal damp room furnished like a vampire s castle people visit me I go to Jerry Richman s and Bill Wolfe s business store and they re having an argument about something they re fixing or trying to sell We cut and measure it out some nameless huge taffy we taste it Then there s a marvelous rack of delicate chocolates and flavors from all over the world and ground cinnamon nuts and coffee fruits and they mix em all up in a big batter and bake and Coffee Cake emerges which is the most delicous thing in the world That s yesterday s unfresh cake I say Can I have it they don t even comment I m to understand that they only eat fresh baked Coffee Cake Bill says of a nut dropped I ll eat it they re asking a lot for it and he plops it in his mouth as Jerry does the mixing I try a sweet bitter chocolate piece shaped like a little stove from a box in the rack the Cake comes out square streaked with colours like marble cake suffused with exotic African and Brazilian flavors crunchy with Cocoa nuts and Nutmeg nuts and Crushed Chunky Nut its terrific I hope they ll give me some they hardly know I am there CURRENT STATUS Available Marry Me Jane Tick This album was released on 550 Music Records on Tuesday August 26th 1997 and includes Steven Tyler singing background vocals on the song I m That Bad He also supplied assorted cocktail party chit chat during the song s guitar solo Steven recorded his part of this album at The Baby Monster Studios in New York City Marry Me Jane also toured with Aerosmith for a little bit on their Nine Lives North American Tour 97 Sept Oct 1997 CURRENT STATUS Available Various Artists Elmopalooza This album was released on Sony Wonder Records on Tuesday March 3rd 1998 and includes the Steven Tyler song I Love Trash CURRENT STATUS Available Richie Sambora Undiscovered Soul This album was released on Mercury Records on Tuesday March 3rd 1998 and includes Steven Tyler playing harmonica on the song If God Was A Woman This was the Bon Jovi lead guitarists s 2nd solo album after a break of 7 years since Stranger in this Town Richie Supa co wrote 9 of the 12 tracks with Sambora and one track is co written between Sambora and Frederiksen the latter a co writer on Nine Lives and Just Push Play CURRENT STATUS Available Ringo Starr Verticle Man This album was released on Mercury Records on Tuesday June 16th 1998 and includes Steven Tyler singing background vocals on Mindfield La De Da playing harmonica and singing background vocals on Love Me Do and I Was Walkin and playing drums on Drift Away Originally Steven was going to sing lead vocals on Drift Away along with Ringo and Alanis Morissette in a 3 generations of rock song However Sony records stopped that because they thought it would be a big hit and it would take the heat away from the upcoming Aerosmith single I Don t Want To Miss A Thing His lead vocals were replaced by Tom Petty s Aerosmith producer co writer Mark Hudson produced this album CURRENT STATUS Available Various Artists Armageddon Soundtrack This album which was released on Columbia Records on June 23rd 1998 was as you know a soundtrack for the movie with the same name which featured Steven Tyler s daughter Liv Tyler The album included four Aerosmith songs I Don t Want To Miss A Thing What Kind Of Love Are You On Sweet Emotion and Come Together This album also included a track which can be seen as a Steven Tyler solo track The song called Animal Crackers has the vocals from I Don t Want To Miss A Thing sung by Steven Tyler and a conversation with Liv Tyler and Ben Affleck from the movie CURRENT STATUS Available Martin Mull Mulling It Over A Musical Oeuvre View Of Martin Mull This comedy compilation album was released on Razor Tie Records Razor Tie 82178 USA CD on Tuesday August 25th 1998 and includes Steven Tyler singing background vocals on the song Do The Dog Now Do The Dog was originally included on the 1975 Martin Mull album Days Of Wine And Neuroses CURRENT STATUS Available Various Artists Bob Marley Chant Down Babylon This Bob Marley tribute album was released on the following labels Universal Records Island Records Def Jam Records and Tuff Gong Records on Tuesday November 16th 1999 The album produced by Bob Marley s son Stephen Marley features contemporary artists duet ing with the original recordings of Marley s vocals Stephen Marley re mixed the new vocals with his father s original ones This album includes the track Roots Rock Reggae featuring Steven Tyler singing a duet with Bob Marley and Joe Perry on guitar The track was recorded in Joe Perry s studio the Boneyard in Mid January of 1999 Roots Rock Reggae (2016-05-01)

  • Rock This Way || Joe Perry's recording appearances outside Aerosmith
    given to Elyssa Jerrett who recorded the set for the band The resulting LP featured the group s version of Jeff Beck s Shapes Of Things Let Me Love You Baby Blues Deluxe and Rice Pudding as well as takes on Red House Ramblin Rose Milk Cow Blues and Gimme Some Lovin in a heavy psych blues style In 1970 the group was in the position to back a Boston based singer Steve Tallarcio on a demo as an audition for the Jeff Beck Group Tallarcio like the members of the Jam Band was a veteran of the Boston band scene but with far greater credentials as he had played drums and sung with a variety of groups starting with The Mancis in 1963 and alternating between The Strangers and The Dantes in 1964 The Rolling Stones influenced Strangers became a professional group in late 1964 and changed their name to The Stranguers signing with CBS in 1966 and recording as the Chain Reaction for CBS subsiduary Date Records with little success although they became regulars on the New York circuit and opened for the Yardbirds The Chain Reaction folded in June 1967 Tallarcio then worked in the studio with the last version of The Left Banke before working the New York club scene with Chain in 1967 1968 then back to Boston where that group split in 1969 He then worked with Fox Chase 1969 and William Proud 1970 before trying out for the reforming Jeff Beck Group Tallarcio was teamed with The Jam Band by Henry Smith a roadie and gofer not only for The Stranguers but also the Yardbirds The Jeff Beck Group and even Led Zeppelin The resulting recordings did nothing towards the Beck venture although Tallarcio was convinced that he should continue to work with the group which was on the verge of splitting with Pudge Scott leaving In September 1970 Joe Perry and Tom Hamilton joined Tallarcio in Boston and they rounded out the group with rhythm guitarist Ray Tabano a childhood friend of Tallarcio s who had been in William Proud and had jammed with The Jam Band in 1969 In October 1970 the group was complete with drummer Joey Kramer and they named themselves Aerosmith In 1971 Tabano was replaced by Brad Whitford and in 1972 this version of Aerosmith signed to Columbia Records at this point Steve Tallarcio changed his last name to Tyler They recorded their debut album in Boston in October 1972 and it was issued in 1973 Despite various line ups through the years and the subsequent reformation of the 1971 79 version Aerosmith are still active today and remain a chart band Jason Odd CURRENT STATUS Unavailable David Johansen David Johansen This album was originally released on Blue Sky Records in May of 1978 it was re released on Razor and Tie records in 1992 It includes Joe Perry playing rhythm guitar on the song Not That Much and lead guitar on Cool Metro The New York Dolls ex vocalist put out this solo debut album in 1978 after that the Dolls had disbanded in late 1976 Joe s 16 track home studio was used during recording sessions for this album and Doll s fan Joe Perry originally also wanted to co produce this album but didn t because of the troubles with Aerosmith at the time and his up and coming solo career The engineer of this album is none other than Dave Thoener who produced Sweet Emotion 91 from the Aerosmith single of the same name In 1977 David Johansen a k a Buster Poindexter co wrote the Aerosmith song Sight For Sore Eyes with with Perry Tyler and Douglas David s wife Cyrinda Foxe eventually went off with Steven Tyler in 1978 CURRENT STATUS Available Gene Simmons Kiss Gene Simmons This album was released on Casablanca Records on September 18th 1978 re released on Polygram Records in April of 1988 and re re released on Mercury Records on Tuesday September 16th 1997 This album includes Joe Perry playing guitar on the songs Radioactive and Tunnel Of Love Radioactive was released as a single and had minor success reaching No 41 in the UK CURRENT STATUS Available The Joe Perry Project Let The Music Do The Talking This album was released on Columbia Records in March of 1980 and was the first solo album by Joe Perry Now Joe Perry plays guitar percussion bass synthesizer on the song Let The Music Do The Talking and sings lead vocals on four songs Conflict Of Interest Shooting Star The Mist Is Rising and Life At A Glance Most of the tracks were penned by Perry with band members chipping in on a few others Joe co produced this album with Jack Douglas Now to get ALL the details on this album go to the following page http www geocities com SunsetStrip Venue 1680 album1 html CURRENT STATUS Available The Joe Perry Project I ve Got The Rock N Rolls Again This album was released on Columbia Records in June of 1981 and was the second solo album by Joe Perry Now Joe Perry plays lead guitar but he cut back on vocal duties only singing on the 2 tracks he wrote by himself Soldier Of Fortune South Station Blues Songwriting contributions came from across the band with Joe only writing 2 solo compositions and writing 4 other songs with Farren Both Farren and Hull came up with solo contributions Now to get ALL the details on this album go to the following page http www geocities com SunsetStrip Venue 1680 album2 html CURRENT STATUS Available The Joe Perry Project Once A Rocker Always A Rocker This album was released on MCA Records in September of 1983 and was the third and final solo album by Joe Perry This album includes Joe playing electric acoustic and lap steel guitar and also includes a six string bass solo on the song King Of The Kings Joe does not sing (2016-05-01)

  • Rock This Way || Brad Whitford's recording appearances outside Aerosmith
    band called Blue By Nature CURRENT STATUS Unavailable Whitford St Holmes Whitford St Holmes This album was released on Columbia Records in August of 1981 and is Brad s only solo album Now Brad plays lead guitar on all the songs and also co wrote four of the songs with St Holmes Hold On Sharpshooter Spanish Boy and Mystery Girl Sharpshooter appears on Pandora s Box Brad Whitford lead gtr worked with ex Ted Nugent man Derek St Holmes rhy gtr as both were inbetween albums during a period of inactivity in 1980 David Krebs got them a record deal with Columbia after a 4 track demo With Steve Pace and Dave Hewitt they cut an album s worth of tracks in 2 weeks in Atlanta After a short tour the project fell apart as St Holmes was tempted back by Nugent and Brad decided not to return to Aerosmith and went on the road with the Joe Perry Project in 1982 Steve Pace joined Krokus in 1982 for one album CURRENT STATUS Available Rex Smith Camouflage This album was released on CBS Records in 1983 and has Brad Whitford guesting on guitar from sessions done in 1982 The last track on side one Get It Right lists Brad as a co writer Rex Smith came on the scene in 1976 in a band called Rex who were signed up under Leber and Krebs Management This was Rex Smith s sixth album and includes a track called In the Heat of the Night that was later used as a TV cop series theme tune CURRENT STATUS The Neighborhoods The Neighborhoods a k a Hoodwinked This album was released on Third Stone Records in 1990 and includes Brad as the co producer Prior to working on the Pump album Brad took (2016-05-01)

  • Rock This Way || Tom Hamilton's recording appearances outside Aerosmith
    from a person who claims to be David Pudge Scott I don t see any reason to doubt this as the truth though it may be hard to know such things for sure Originally he agreed to send me a CD R copy of the Jam Band album for my listening pleasure I did get a color copy of the Jam Band album cover a promotional picture of him and his recent CD called Legends In The Making featuring music written by his son Drew Scott but not the music of The Jam Band I scanned the artwork I was sent and this is now presented on this page Thus I believe making Rock This Way the first site on the internet to feature this artwork I may be wrong but I think this might even the first place ever where it has been shown to the public Unfortunately I was not given a copy of the Jam Band s music David explained to me that the reason was that he had to speak with the boys about making copies of the Jam Band CD We decided that we could not give you a musical copy of the CD as we d like to keep the music as a collectors item for us I felt it seemed a bit too good to be true so I wasn t really surprised that it turned out the way it did Besides as Scott wrote me Matter of fact the copy of that cover is not in the hands of many people I hope you will be able to use the photos on your web site featuring David Pudge Scott the drummer of the Jam Band and orgininal drummer for the first line up of Aerosmith When I showed it to him Pudge also confirmed that the following info was correct All of the below is from the fantastic Fuzz Acid Flowers website The Jam Band Personnel TOM HAMILTON bs vcls JOE PERRY gtr vcls DAVID PUDGE SCOTT drms JOHN McGUIRE hrmnca vcls ALBUM 1 THE JAM BAND private pressing 1969 NB 1 Just four copies are thought to exist Joe Perry a native of Hopedale Massachusetts was the fiery guitarist of this group and had played in local groups The Chimes Of Freedom 1964 65 Just Us 1965 66 The Flash 1967 and Pipe Dream in 1967 with Tom Hamilton bass David Pudge Scott drums Kathy Lowe vocals and Perry on lead guitar They worked the Boston and New Hampshire band circuit but didn t gain any decent support gigs which was considered the making of a local act Hamilton Scott and particularly Perry were heavily influenced by British act The Yardbirds and the new spin off of that group The Jeff Beck Group They split Pipe Dream to form Plastic Glass in mid 1967 with John McGuire harmonica vocals which followed the heavy psych blues style laid out by the Jeff Beck Group and the Jimi Hendrix Experience before splitting in (2016-05-01)

  • Rock This Way || Joey Kramer's recording appearances outside Aerosmith
    s former band The Flame on vocals The band was put together in 1981 by Joey Kramer Joey said the reason he put the band together is because Aerosmith was ready to self destruct Joe Perry and Brad Whitford had already left the band and Steven Tyler was side lined for the year on account of a motercycle accident Renegade recorded a seven track album in SIR Studios in New (2016-05-01)

  • Rock This Way || Former Aerosmith Members' Other Recording Appearances
    of the band and plays guitar on the album Fatal Attraction was re released July 31st 2001 on Metal Mayhem Records in conjunction with GetAnimal inc The album had never been released on CD until this and this Special Edition Re Release contains two unreleased bonus tracks two CD ROM videos and a 12 page color booklet featuring never before seen photos of the band Fatal Attraction is available online at AdamBomb com Important to Adam Bomb s career was David Krebs who as you may know had previously guided the career of Aerosmith In 84 Adam went to a Michael Schenker concert in San Francisco and got them to play his video before Schenker went on Schenker s manager David Krebs saw the video and was impressed with Adam Bomb He contacted Adam and signed him to a 15 year management deal with Leber Krebs Krebs flew him to New York and put Adam together with some veterans including Jimmy Crespo on guitar The band also included former Riot Ace Frehley drummer Sandy Slavin former Riot Billy Idol bassist Phil Feit The four of them started rehearsing in SIR in New York City After years of studio work and a disappointing attempt with his first band Flame Crespo had spent four years replacing original Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry when he went out on his own When Perry decided to rejoin Aerosmith Crespo found himself looking for a new band At around the same time Feit left Billy Idol He was also looking for a true band situation so he eventually formed a band with Jimmy As fate would have it Feit and Crespo were looking for another guitarist front man at the same time that Adam was looking for a band Phil then recruited his old pal Slavin to play drums Once they played together as Feit recalls we were four separate personalities that were really strong but still a band we knew right away it would work Although not a member the album also features bassist background vocalist Cliff Williams of AC DC on the single I Want My Heavy Metal The band played it s first gig at the Ritz in NYC Later the band showcased for record labels A bidding war went on between Polygram and Geffen Krebs decided to take the label that offered the most money Geffen Records signed Adam Bomb to a 6 record deal for over a million dollars Then David Krebs split with his partner Steve Leber and moved himself and the band to Los Angeles In 1986 after playing several shows in New York clubs Jimmy returned to Los Angeles to live with his new girlfriend The band recorded more albums after this but without any involvement with Jimmy Crespo Various other Aerosmith Adam Bomb related history source AdamBomb com 1985 Krebs hires former Aerosmith road manager Bob Kelly Kelleher to oversee the band Kelly was fired from Aerosmith years ago during the Krebs years for stealing and heavy drug abuse Krebs decided to give another chance with Adam Bomb Fatal Attraction got released in America just as Geffen records announced they had signed Aerosmith There was a lawsuit between Leber Krebs and Aerosmith going on at the time Aerosmith manager Tim Collins was in direct negotiation with Geffen Records President Ed Rosenblatt Tim Collins and Aerosmith publicly resented David Krebs They never settled until years later although Aerosmith has never been fond of David Krebs since David Krebs told Adam that Geffen will not give him the 50 000 00 in video money that was guaranteed in the contract Although he was friends with David Geffen since they both worked together in the mailroom at The William Morris Agency Krebs stated that he was going to leave Geffen Records because of breach of contract David Krebs moved his family from his rented beach house in Malibu back to New York City Adam and bassist Phil Feit went back to New York as well Guitarist Jimmy Crespo drummer Sandy Slavin stayed in Los Angeles and both moved in with girls they had met in Hollywood while the band lived at the Beverly Sunset Hotel Both Jimmy and Sandy eventually married these girls and started families Adam started writing songs for a new record while his manager set up shop in ex partner Steve Leber s office in New York City Aerosmith released Done With Mirrors on Geffen while Krebs made a deal to release Adam Bomb from obligation to Geffen Records for one hundred and twenty five thousand dollars Krebs said he would use this money to record a new album for a new record label 1986 Krebs decided to concentrate on releasing an Aerosmith live album called Classics Live and had one of his employees Paul O Neil hire a studio and an engineer to fix the tapes Paul O Neil was managing another band at time called Heaven Jimmy Crespo was flown in to overdub guitar tracks and Paul O Neil added rhythm guitar and also added keyboards played by Mitch Perry a member of Heaven It was rumored that Adam played on it but that wasn t true David Krebs had Paul O Neil take Adam Jimmy Crespo Phil Feit and drummer Gregg Gerson into a studio to cut one song Bomb didn t agree with Paul O Neil s do it in one take and I ll give you 5 dollars production technique The song tapes were scrapped and Krebs continued to focus on repackaging Aerosmith material having Paul O Neil produce a second live Aerosmith album Steven Tyler confronted Adam years later and accusing him of playing on the bogus Aerosmith albums Although Adam denied playing on it saying he couldn t play that crappy Tyler seemed to have his doubts 1989 Jack Douglas the former Aerosmith producer was constantly at David Krebs office hitting up Krebs for Aerosmith royalty advances Jack liked Adam s new demos and convinced Krebs to put together a budget (2016-05-01)