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  • Rock This Way || Aerosmith Bootleg IN THE MIXXX
    edits Most of the tracks except the two versions of Crazy are not very different from the original versions On some the only difference is that it s shortened by taking out solos and such to be easier to play on radio Others has a little different sound but nothing really special The cover of In The Mixxx is the guys sitting around on the floor with everyone but Joe looking at the camera A wings logo rotated 45 degrees in the bottom left corner The title is written underneath Apparently this bootleg is also available with a different cover than the one pictured above Kevin Kenemore thanks man e mailed me telling me about his copy which on the front cover has a picture from the Permanent Vacation era with the whole band and Steven in the middle blowing a bubble out of gum with extra ripped blue jeans It is a black and white photo Then the back cover has a cartoon cover of the band Track 1 being a radio edit is exactly like the lp version with the exception of the one vulgar word which was distorted Tracks 2 3 are fairly trashy too in as much as they could be done by messing with the graphic equalizer on my stereo 4 5 are simply edits one is lacking a guitar solo the other I m not sure about 6 7 I would imagine everyone has heard before so no criticism is necessary 8 11 are some of the hardest to find on CD 8 has an incredibly original sound I commend whoever the mixer was 9 10 are very original as well but are available on the official Japanese EP Vacation Club I think of 11 as fairly lame since I sense no difference from (2016-05-01)

  • Rock This Way || Aerosmith Bootleg JURASSIC TRACKS
    the one on Classics Live 3 On The Road Again May 8 1972 outtake from the 1st album 4 Movin Out 1972 alternate version from the 1st album 5 Krawhitham May 2 1977 outtake from Draw The Line 6 Downtown Charlie August 19 1978 7 Let It Slide March 1979 outtake from Night In The Ruts 8 Riff Roll September 16 1981 outtake from Rock In A Hard Place 9 Dude Looks Like A Lady 1987 alternate version from Permanent Vacation 10 Once Is Enough 1987 from the Dude Looks Like A Lady single 11 Rocking Pneumonia And The Boogie Woogie Flu 1987 from the Less Than Zero soundtrack 12 Love Me Two Times 1988 from the Air America soundtrack 13 Acoustic Song 1989 this is the song at the end of Pump after What It Takes 14 Ain t Enough 1989 from the Japanese release of Pump 15 Theme From Wayne s World 1990 from the single of The Other Side 16 Livin On The Edge demo version 1993 from the Livin On The Edge single 17 Line Up smokey bar mix 1993 from the Shut Up And Dance single 18 Head First 1993 from the Cryin single 19 (2016-05-01)

  • Rock This Way || Aerosmith Bootleg JUST SHAKE LIVE
    10 Back in the Saddle 5 02 11 Walk This Way 6 05 12 Uncle Salty 2 16 13 Sweet Emotion 5 55 Recorded Live at Orange County Convention Center Orlando FL June 14 2001 Comments Great soundboard recording from a show not part of the ongoing Just Push Play tour An excellent performance as well Aerosmith were tight this night This single disc bootleg might or might not contain the entire show their set may have been shorter than on the regular tour shows Good to see that Aerosmith are resurrecting classics like Rats in the Cellar and Uncle Salty even though Uncle Salty is only partially played This track sounds like it may have just been an off the cuff performance Excellent extended version of Rats in the Cellar Not sure if this disc has been mass produced or not but I have seen it for sale on eBay several times with the exact same cover art and track listing SAP s Sapphire conference was held at Orange County Convention Center from June 12 15 and scheduled the Aerosmith concert to happen on June 14th About 7 000 people attended the concert This was Aerosmith s first ever (2016-05-01)

  • Rock This Way || Aerosmith Bootleg KBFH (King Biscuit Flower Hour)
    Format CD 9 tracks 50 min Label Disc 1 S O S Too Bad 2 Somebody 3 Dream On 4 Write Me 5 Walk This Way 6 Sweet Emotion 7 No More No More 8 Same Old Song And Dance 9 Toys In The Attic Recorded at Shaeffer Music Festival Central Park NY August 29 1975 Comments Excellent FM Broadcast There are various CD compilations of this concert but this (2016-05-01)

  • Rock This Way || Aerosmith Bootleg KING'S CHRONICLE
    9 Dream On 10 Sick As A Dog 11 Walk This Way 12 Milk Cow Blues Drum solo 13 Toys In The Attic 14 Train Kept A Rollin Disc 5 1 Rats In The Cellar 2 Bone To Bone 3 Big Ten Inch Record 4 Lord Of The Thighs 5 Let The Music Do The Talking 6 Red House 7 Dream On 8 Sweet Emotion 9 Train Kept A Rollin 10 Bone To Bone 11 Train Kept A Rollin 12 Cryin 13 Stop Messin Around 14 Livin On The Edge 15 Walk This Way Disc 6 1 Flesh 2 Amazing 3 Cryin 4 Back In The Saddle 5 Janie s Got A Gun 6 Love In An Elevator 7 Sweet Emotion 8 Livin On The Edge 9 Walk This Way 10 Eat The Rich Recorded at Disc 1 Agora Ballroom Chicago IL March 23 1978 Disc 2 Boston Music Hall Boston MA March 28 1978 Disc 3 Boston Garden Boston MA December 3 1980 Disc 4 Orpheum Theater Boston MA February 14 1984 Disc 5 Tracks 1 9 Orpheum Theater Boston MA December 31 1984 Track 10 Civic Center Hampton VA November 17 1987 Tracks 11 15 40 Principale Studios Madrid Spain June 9 1994 Disc 6 Naval Museum Garden Stockholm Sweden June 29 1994 Comments Excellent One of the most expensives bootlegs I ever saw but it really worth its price Another good product from the Japanese Bondage Records with 6 discs that contain 7 shows from 1978 to 1994 in chronological order Each 2 disc case has a nice sleeve with photos related to the period of the discs recordings The whole thing comes in a beautiful deluxe box Discs 1 and 2 Good stereo sound from WBCN broadcasts for these two shows among the many that have (2016-05-01)

  • Rock This Way || Aerosmith Bootleg L.A. CONNECTION
    Takes 8 Monkey On My Back 9 Rag Doll 10 Hangman Jury 11 All Your Lovin 12 Last Child Disc 2 1 Cryin 2 Shut Up And Dance 3 Walk On Down 4 The Other Side 5 Janie s Got A Gun 6 Dude Looks Like A Lady 7 Dream On 8 Walk This Way 9 Livin On The Edge 10 Sweet Emotion 11 Train Kept A Rollin 12 Livin (2016-05-01)

  • Rock This Way || Aerosmith Bootleg LAST CHILD
    Disc 1 59 06 Disc 2 55 47 Label REAL THING RTCD 023 24 Discs Eat the Rich Toys In The Attic Rag Doll Fever Draw the Line Amazing Last Child The Other Side Cryin Shut Up And Dance Stop Messin Around Walk On Down Mama Kin Janie s Got A Gun Love In An Elevator Dude Looks Like A Lady Sweet Emotion Dream On Livin On The Edge Walk (2016-05-01)

  • Rock This Way || Aerosmith Bootleg LAST GASP IN CHICAGO
    12 Get It Up 4 14 13 Draw the Line 4 06 14 No More No More 3 39 15 Same Old Song Dance 1 55 16 Toys in the Attic 4 59 17 Milk Cow Blues 5 47 18 Train Kept A Rollin 1 52 Recorded Listed as the Aragon Chicago IL 3 23 78 wrong venue Is Aragon Ballroom Chicago IL March 23 1978 Comments Excellent show from a vintage era of Aerosmith This particular show was originally a radio broadcast but does not have a high quality sound Rated a B at best It s not unlistenable but it takes a song or two to get use to the muddy mix Tyler s vocals standout as does Brad Whitford s guitar but Joe Perry s guitar is far out of the mix which unfortunately leaves many of the leads out Still it s Tyler s charisma and the band s overall live energy that carries the show Surprisingly the music is tight for a band that was at the height of the excesses of drug and alcohol abuse There are a few drop outs here and there which makes me think the original source of this disc (2016-05-01)