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  • Obama Dog White House - Obama Dog
    in vollem Umfang nutzen zu können muss JavaScript aktiviert sein Obama s Dog It is a tradition in the White House for the president and his family to keep a dog For president Obama it was a very difficult decision since his elder daughter Malia is allergic Finally they decided for a Portuguese water dog because of its antialleric coat The dog was a gift from his friend Sen Ted Kennedy of Massachusetts who also owns Portuguese Water dogs and it was in obedience training with a dog trainer The White House will be the puppy s fourth home in his six months of life Of course the new First Dog has triggered the most publicity that Portuguese water dogs have ever had since the breed s introduction into the U S in the 1960s Obama s daughters Malia and Sasha picked the name Bo for him because their cousin ownes a cat by the same name The dog immedeately charmed the family At six months Bo is still very much a goofy puppy It is a cute puppy with curly fur mostly black with white front pads The entire Obama family introduced Bo to the public during the Easter holidays on the lawn of the White House President Obama said he s a star he s got star qualities Fortunately daughter Malia shows no sings of allergies around the dog Portuguese water dogs are supposed to be good swimmers but it remains to be seen if Bo can swin Bo receives his food in Svarovski crystal bowles a gift from President Obama s recent trip to Prague The international press wrote that Bo s favorite food is tomatoes It has not leaked to the public where Bo is sleeping in the White House there are hundreds of possibilities When (2016-05-01)

  • Kontakt - Obama Dog
    to the public for all to view and enjoy Over 500 items of interest are displayed for lovers of pets Presidents and pet trivia Children learn by association and what better way to educate visitors about our Presidency than through the White House Pets Nearly every President had a pet both exotic and common and one can learn about them all at the Hund in Deutschland Achtung JavaScript deaktiviert Sie (2016-05-01)

  • Obama Dogs - Obama Dog
    Um die Website in vollem Umfang nutzen zu können muss JavaScript aktiviert sein Obama Dog the new first dog in the white house Bo The new first dog in the white house Papa Obama promised his children Malia 10 and Sasha 7 a dog during his presidential campaign because of the exertions lately So they ve been waiting excitedly The new family member actually made the trip to the White House earlier to meet the family to make a bigger surprise and it was a succes The six month old obama dog with the black and white soft coat officially moved into the white house yesterday The portuguese water dog was presented by Barack Obama in the garden in front of lots of cameras The Obama dog is a gift from Senator Edward Ted Kennedy The dogs name was chosen by the president family because their cousins have a cat named Bo and because Mrs Obama s father nickname was Diddley as in Bo Diddley the musician That was the statement of the president The Obama Family is still deciding where Bo will sleep and who will feed and walk out with the new loved one The is the only one which his daughter Malia can handle because of her allergy The portugesian waterdog has no underfur and so it can be considered by people with dog hair allergy Bo the new first dog is an ideal family dog he is balanced teachable wakeful fond of children and faithful Porties how the portuguesian water dogs are also called are balls of energy and are ideal made for dogsports like Agility or Dog Dancing they are even perfect lifeguards This dog is also a hardy muscular athletic dog Dogs in the white house have a long tradition even George W Bush (2016-05-01)

  • Obama Dog Blog - Obama Dog
    in vollem Umfang nutzen zu können muss JavaScript aktiviert sein Obama Dog Blog Thank god it is a dog After the search began from all the US people suggested Animals to move in the White House Even TV stations suggested the Obama Lama what a prank But first things first During his pre elective time Obama promised his daughters Sasha and Malia that if he would win the election they will get their puppy So we all know who is the new President of the United States huh And now it was his turn to make these two girls happy A few weeks later Bo arrived at the White House His new home and family waited for so long to finally see him It was not very difficult for the puppy dog to win the hearts of the presidential family and the people of the United States They all loved him from the minute they saw him Bo is his name and now he has his own blog in the internet Yes it is true A dog has his own blog And why shouldn t he have one Barrack Obama is different his family is different his work will hopefully be different and so is his dog There is no need to compare these things to former Presidents It won t work And now Bo even has his own blog What a perfect idea of bonding with the people Kudos for that And most of the young Americans are more interested in Bo as in Barrack But they will be interested in Barrack too Because Bo tells little funny stories from the White House What you can t see is being told by Bo And that makes the whole family very nice loving and interesting Presidential life from the eyes (2016-05-01)

  • First Dog US - Obama Dog
    Website in vollem Umfang nutzen zu können muss JavaScript aktiviert sein First Dog of the US The U S has new First Dog President Obama promised his daughters a dog when he wins the presidential elections Now the Portuguese water dog Bo moved into the White House U S President Barack Obama has to be finally fulfilled this promise to his two daughters on his Easter campaign and they received the dog as a gift As the newspaper Washington Post reported on Sunday the six months old Portuguese water dog lives in the White House from now on Sasha and Malia Obama obtained the dog from the Democratic U S Senator Edward Kennedy a close friend of the family The newspaper said that both girls named the four legged Bo Bo has black fur a white chest white paws and a white goatee The presidential family is very thrilled about her new roommate told the Post relying on an informant not mentioned by name Bo was already domesticated and does not nibble the furniture in the White House because Bo received lessons in good behaviour from the Kennedy family s dog trainer The public will become acquainted with the First Dog of the US in the mid of April reported the Washington Post An allergy influenced the election of the race First Lady Michelle Obama had recently hinted that the family is ready to get a Portuguese water dog because Malia is not allergic against this race Good for Malia and good for Bo who is the actual First Dog of the US for at least four or more years Dogs have tradition in the White House U S President George W Bush had a Scottish terrier named Barney and a Springer Spaniel named Spot Spots mother was the president (2016-05-01)

  • First Dog White House - Obama Dog
    Website in vollem Umfang nutzen zu können muss JavaScript aktiviert sein Dog conquers the White House Barack Hussein Obama born in Honolulu Hawaii in 1961 is by now known all over the world After his enthralling election campaign against John McCain the Republican candidate he was the first African American to be elected President of the United States As a result Obama is the head of state and represents approximately 306 million people He also has to get on with the global economic crisis But despite of braking down in despair faced with such unimaginable challenges the president is all smiles However watching the White House and its new inhabitants one get s quickly an idea of why it is so easy for Obama to retain his zest for life Surrounded by all these people he loves and admires first of all his wife Michelle he can be sure of receiving support in every situation And now there is someone new to accompany Obama He is lively and fast and knows how to draw the attention His name is Bo and he is the First Dog in the White House This Portuguese water dog is America s recent superstar After having captured the hearts of Barack Obama s family Bo is now about to find his way into the general public The First Dog is the conclusion to Obama s promise to his two children Malia Ann and Natasha He pledged to buy them a dog in return for his absence during the tedious presidential fight One can hence see that the president is true to his word On April 14 Bo made his White House debut The whole family was there to present their new member In the park of Obama s dwelling and office residence Bo enjoyed to (2016-05-01)

  • First Dog Obama - Obama Dog
    An economic crisis two wars forty million people without health insurance and still speaks America has only one topic Who will be the next dog in the White House the new First Dog Obama Now it is as far as it represents the new Familienmirglied of Obama before the little four legged Bo from the Portuguese region Barack Obama s daughters Malia 10 years and Sasha 7 years from her father had the promise of a small dog as a full compensation for the last time For the many hardships of the past year If we pull Chicago to Washington you ll get a puppy he promised his two children Malia and Sasha And now recently moved to the Portuguese water dog for Obama now The First Dog is First Dog Obama with the black and white skin dozens of cameras was presented in the garden The little six month old cuddly friend Bo is a gift from Senator Edward Ted Kennedy of the daughters and the entire Obama family To the decision after the election for this race a Portuguese water dog after the statement by Michelle Obama Barack s wife this way We will probably look for a Portuguese water dog from the home the one old enough and dynamic to our family You have a good temperament are not too small not too big This was announced in an interview It is after the spring vacation happen She said at the end of the interview added which is now completed and the Little Bo faster than White House in mind But not only the superficial was the choice of race and origin also because it was the First Lady Michelle Obama and her husband U S President Barack Obama important that there is a tolerable breed since (2016-05-01)

  • First Dogs - Obama Dog
    vollem Umfang nutzen zu können muss JavaScript aktiviert sein Obama First Dogs First Dogs have a long and amazing history there have been First Dogs as long as there have been American Presidents Most of Barack Obama s 43 predecessors in office had a First Dog at their side The long tradition goes back 220 years when George Washington the very first President of the United States of America took his oath of office George Washington a passionate hunter loved American Foxhounds Among his favourites were Drunkard Sweetlips and Mopsey to name just a few One of the most famous First Dogs in history is Franklin D Roosevelt s Fala The cute black Scottish Terrier won everybody s hearts with little tricks and with her famous smile Fala who slept in a dog bed at the President s side and joined him on many of his travels even joins her beloved master in the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial Another real star among the First Dogs of America is President Lyndon B Johnson s Yuki a cute mixed breed with a musical talent Johnson and Yuki sang many duets together entertaining guests in the White House According to rumours Johnson used to insist that Yuki is singing with a Texan accent Bill Clinton broke the old First Dog tradition when he moved into the White House with his First Cat named Socks But he soon amended the faux pas and become best friends with a Labrador called Buddy And now there s the newest addition to the long line of First Dogs those lucky privileged fellows who re chosen to live and bark in the White House Bo a Portuguese Water Dog has become the most powerful dog in America if not the whole world at the tender age of only (2016-05-01)