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  • Funeral Oration For Isa Baroness von Bernus
    or read and Isa smoked cigarettes in her own inimitable way Those were carefree times hours during which my body and soul could rejuvenate Isa was the perfect hostess And Isa was so young so refreshingly young and unconventional It never had the impression that this was an elderly women sitting across from me Isa was and remained ageless Never looking back or talking about the good old times when everything seemed to be better as it is today no she lived in the here and now and her concern was only for the present Even I only found out how old she really was on the occasion of her 100 th birthday Never did she talked about age by God as some old people like to brag about their age also on that subject she was so refreshingly different Until the end Isa kept her unique magical charm that spellbound not only Alexander von Bernus but also many others those lips full mystery and explication a smile both promise and repulse as Bernus wrote in 1934 in his Eternal Departure I was touched and drawn to the magic of her being and the way she was living out of her intuition or as Irmhild Mäurer wrote thinking with the heart From childhood on Isa was a human being that was loved She was not only a lovely child but also a beautiful woman A portrait showing her as a young woman an actress and lecturer is placed on the wall at my vicarage There is hardly a visitor which will not stop and admire her image Isa was loved and gave love However this may not be obscured either it was also love which became her doom After I left the convent I stayed at Donaumünster for several weeks to think about my future life in a serene surrounding and to conclude my theological examination paper with the title the religious belief of Alexander von Bernus It became quite clear to me then that something had changed with Isa not only on the outside changes had also taken place on the inside Evil had moved into the castle and since Isa tended to believe in beautiful words more as Irmhild Mäurer wrote in the closing remarks to Irene than what others observed heard and critically acclaimed to each other it became difficult to get through to her The warning voices from her friends did not reach her she did not want to listen or maybe she was not able to hear them Those were hard times and even today the consequences can still be felt and will continue to burden us tomorrow and in the future It was the time if to speak with Alexander von Bernus words WHEN THE ANGLE OF THE LORD WILL VEIL HIS HEAD AND THE DEMONS PASTURE AND GET FULL At that time a woman came into her life and she saw and felt with Isa and understood TO GO INTO SILENCE AND LISTEN

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