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  • § 28 PfandBG
    December 2011 30 September 2011 30 June 2011 31 March 2011 31 December 2010 30 September 2010 30 June 2010 31 March 2010 28 PfandBG Pfandbrief Act German Law on Mortgage Bonds Since the 19th July 2005 the new Pfandbrief Act has been in force in Germany It replaces the Mortgage Act the Act on Ship Mortgage Banks and the Law on Pfandbriefe German mortgage bonds and Similar Bonds Issued by Public Law Credit Institutions The Pfandbrief Act is enforced in close coordination with the loss of government backing for public banks With this Act the special bank principle is abolished and all German credit institutes have the right to issue Pfandbriefe So that the high demands that investors have for Pfandbriefe continue to be met the Pfandbrief Act has been constructed with strict legal precautions The WestImmo has been issuing Pfandbriefe Hypothekenpfandbriefe and Public Pfandbriefe for years We publish quarterly in accordance with 28 of the Pfandbrief Act the following details 28 Para 1 No 1 3 Pfandbriefe in circulation and the covering value used 28 Para 2 No 1a Claims used for the covering of Hypothekenpfandbriefe according to size groups 28 Para 2 No 1b Distribution of the (2016-05-01)

  • MiFID
    following objectives The transparency and integrity of the financial markets Protection especially of small investors Harmonisation of the supervision of capital markets in the EU The MiFID regulations are of relevance for the following transactions that clients can conduct with Westdeutsche ImmobilienBank AG The procurement or sale of financial instructions on the account of Westdeutsche ImmobilienBank AG as a service for clients own account trading Financial futures contracts swaps swaptions caps and floors with borrowing clients for hedging purposes The provision of a recommendation by Westdeutsche ImmobilienBank AG to clients or their representatives relating to transactions with particular financial instruments This is possible if the recommendation is based on a prior review of the client s financial position and experience The suitability of the financial instrument for the client is also reviewed and documented investment advice Extensive advice and clarification will be provided by investment advisors of the Treasury Department of Westdeutsche ImmobilienBank AG Individual documentation of investment advice will be prepared The MiFID distinguishes between three classes of client Retail clients Professional clients Eligible counterparties Westdeutsche ImmobilienBank AG has a statutory duty to categorize each client of the bank into one of the client categories i e to classify them before performing any investment or ancillary investment services Which clients are to be categorized how is laid down in law but according to the MiFID clients of the bank have a number of reclassification options i e they can for instance request or apply to be given a higher level of protection All clients of the bank are informed of the MiFID classification in writing The general principle however is that there is a different level of protection for each client group If you have any further questions on this or object to your classification please contact mifid westimmobank (2016-05-01)

  • Investor Relations
    Relations Page of the Westdeutsche ImmobilienBank AG WestImmo Here you will find information about our Bank the newest financial data information about the premium reserve stock as well as on (2016-05-01)

  • Contact
    49 6131 9280 7294 Fax 49 6131 9280 7203 Send Email Contact Do you have questions We would be happy to hear from you If you find a job position of particular interest please send in your application by e (2016-05-01)

  • Career
    and promote this commitment We support you in the realisation of your professional ambitions Professionalism meets professionalism We offer you a working environment where you will be able to grow and develop your career You will be supported by an organisation with flat hierarchies and a lean structure It is our aim to create a fast paced and effective work environment which is result orientated and leads to group success (2016-05-01)

  • WestImmo reports record results before its sale
    the organisational processes and structures to reflect the changed business situation in addition to the decline in risk expenses Net interest income including current income amounted to 108 2 million at the end of the financial year down on the prior year figure of 136 6 million due to the 28 4 million decrease in the loan portfolio The primary allowance for losses on loans and advances amounted to 19 5 million previous year 33 3 million Risk provisions were positive amounting to 9 8 million due to income from financial assets and investments and the partial reversal of the fund for general banking risks in accordance with section 340g of the Handelsgesetzbuch HGB German Commercial Code Net fee and commission income decreased to 1 4 million previous year 5 5 million This was also due to the lack of new business and the reduction in the loan portfolios Administrative expenses declined by around 15 7 year on year to 55 1 million previous year 65 4 million which made a significant contribution to earnings performance The cost income ratio CIR amounted to 47 5 previous year 43 7 We could not have achieved these very good results in 2014 without our customers continued trust in the Bank and the commitment dedication and loyalty demonstrated by our employees said Cohausz Commercial real estate loans in the amount of 0 8 billion previous year 1 2 billion were extended in the past financial year The Bank s total assets declined by 3 7 billion year on year to 10 1 billion as at 31 December 2014 previous year 13 8 billion Receivables from customers declined due to the reduction in the portfolios the lack of new business and the carve out There was also a significant decrease in the securities portfolio Reported equity declined to 451 9 million previous year 876 6 million due to the carve out The capital reserves were increased by 24 0 million in connection with the carve out and to strengthen the Bank s equity The Bank s total capital ratio in accordance with the Capital Requirement Regulation CRR amounted to 17 3 as at the reporting date previous year overall capital ratio of 17 0 in accordance with the old version of the Solvabilitatsverordnung SolvV German Solvency Regulation The Tier 1 capital ratio was 16 8 previous year core capital ratio of 15 9 in accordance with the old version of the SolvV Outlook In February this year EAA agreed to sell its WestImmo shares to a subsidiary of Aareal Bank AG The Managing Board of WestImmo expects the transaction to close by mid 2015 depending on the necessary regulatory approval and other conditions agreed with regard to the sale In this case statements concerning WestImmo s development and strategy will change and will be aligned with the new owner s strategic approach The sale of WestImmo means that its ultimate resolution will be avoided and that a good solution has been found for the (2016-05-01)

  • WestImmo
    Drucken Schließen 01 06 2015 WestImmo Since 31 May 2015 Westdeutsche ImmobilienBank AG is a Company of Aareal Bank Group WestImmo appears under its own lettering (2016-05-01)

  • Information Guarantee Fund
    protected in accordance with the Articles of Association if they were eligible before this letter was received or become eligible within a month of its receipt Liabilities that become eligible or are renewed at the customer s instigation after the expiry of this deadline or that the customer does not terminate or reclaim at the next possible opportunity after this date are not protected Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht BaFin the Federal (2016-05-01)