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  • Präsidents Pets - Bo - First Dog der USA
    Portuguese Water Dog Following a long tradition of nearly all American presidents Obama made his promise true to buy his two little daughters Malia 10 and Sasha 7 a new dog Discussions about race and origin made the rather unspectacular event seem as if it parallel would signify political directions Obama makes Maybe that is the reason why the American president together with his family finally chose a non pedigreed dog from his colleague and friend Edward Kennedy instead of a dog raised by a breeder Malias allergy against most of all dog races of course played a role too With Bo Barack Obama made his promise true he gave his daughters during the election campaign to buy a new dog for the family if he wins At least this promise only took him three moths to fulfill Nevertheless Bo could cope with his first official interview in front of a lot of cameras and reporters to whom he friendly waggled with his tail At least a better reaction than Barney the last presidential dog showed when he bit a reporter into his leg If Bo will be acrimonious too can not be said yet since the dog is just six months old and will grow up for the next three and half years After all the White house is the fourth station in Bo s life From his Birthplace in Texas his former owner took him to Washington where he couldn t stay with the other dog the man has got That s why he gave him to the dog trainer Edward Kennedy who then suggested it to Barack Obama as the First Dog The name Bo comes from Malia and Sasha whose cousins cat name is Bo too But maybe their Grandfather who was nicknamed after the Rock (2016-05-01)

  • First Dog White House - Bo - First Dog der USA
    new occupant because Bo is already housebroken and also does not nibble the pieces of furniture in the White House He has received lessons in good behaviour from the dog trainer of the Kennedy s family Obamas daughters have closed the dog already in her small hearts However life is not easy for Bo in The White House because Barak Obama has put up clear rules for the four legged friend Every members of the family have to help when Bo want s to go out in the morning noon or evening the president fixed And there are clear other bans for example where it s allowed for Bo to sleep In his bed of course not clarified Obama Another conflict will be their new garden project which is in danger because their housewife Michelle heard that this race likes tomatoes Nevertheless the president puts away with pleasure that Bo is something special He is a star he has star qualities Now in any case both girls have a new job They will have a lot of work with the education of the first dog in the White House Despite the fact that Bob is a Portuguese water dog he cannot swim so he has to learn it The first dog in the White House is is only six month old but has come round quite far Bo was born in Texas then some time lived in Washington and came afterwards to Senator Ted Kennedy The White House is Bo s fourth home in his six months of life therefore he could become disoriented The best thing The Obamas can do now for Bo is for example to walk and play with him a lot and before he eats he should have to be hungry So he will understand that (2016-05-01)

  • United States First Dog - Bo - First Dog der USA
    States First Dog The safest Dog Meet Bo the First Dog Meet Bo the First Dog Meet Bo the First DogSee photos of the Obamas welcoming their new dog to the White House and download high resolution versions In case anybody is wondering Bo is a boy In Deutschland haben wir keinen ersten Hund des Staates jedenfalls nicht in Form eines Hundes Dafür gibt es aber in Deutschland den Hund (2016-05-01)

  • The safest Dog - Bo - First Dog der USA
    of Michell and Barack Obama have already chosen a quite interesting name His name is Bo This very short and impressive name was changed by numerous media outlets so that the nickname of the puppy is Bobama now The First Dog of the United States is a water dog We are sure that you already like this sweet and cuddly puppy with his black fur and white dots As in the past the breed of the dog of the current US President became extremely popular the same phenomenon we can see now with Bo Dog breeder specialised on water dogs are receiving calls nearly every minute parents singles everyvone loves the tiny new member of the White House and would like to have such a nice dog Now the Portuguese water dog belong to the safest dogs in the world Probably it is the safest and best secured dog in the United States since the commencement of the US history by the Founding Fathers Countless agents of the Secret Service are responsible for the safety and the well being of this little jester Since the First Dog of the United States know belongs to the family of the US President you can be sure that he is completly surrounded by a 24 7 security corridor that is unknown to the public The most secured dog of the world also has his own lawn on the property of the White House Gardeners trying to keep everthing clean in case Bo has a little mishap You can imagine that the children of the President are not allowed to walk the dog as they would like Every step of Bobama will be seriously planned and scheduled by the Secret Service and each possible harm will be anticipated in advance Of course the dog (2016-05-01)